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Designed & Hand-finished by Ellen Kydd. 
Published by 0.08 Imprints.

First edition, released 12 June 2024. 
Limited to 100 copies.

64 pages, 8.3 ”x 11.7” 
Signed on cover page.

bennie's supper club.jpg

Bennie's Supper Club

Designed by Ellen Kydd. 

Illustrations & Recipes by Bennie Finn.

Printed by Printworks.


40 pages, 63 ”x 7.9” 




Designed by Ellen Kydd. 

Photographs by Graham Cornthwaite. Poems by John Mole.

Painting on cover by Roger Hilton, permitted by Hilton Foundation.

Printed by Booths.


Hardcover with sleeve. 
32 pages, 7”x 5” 


Continuous Line

Five Metre Line

Designed by Ellen Kydd. 

MA Fine Art Thesis written by Ellen Kydd.

Printed by UCA.


Mounted on hand made wooden handles, tied with red string.

One Singular Page as a Continuous Scroll measuring 5 metres. 


As indicated, some are entirely Elle's concepts; whilst others are commissions from various artists, illustrators, photographers, poets, chefs...  

As a remote designer, I have a strong network of printers, designers, curators and art directors with whom I liaise to pull together the optimum results. I work digitally in the former stages, with a particular love for hand finishing publications to enhance the tactile experience of holding a publication.

I work both in person & remotely; no distance is too far with the joy of the internet!

Projects to date include art books; artist monographs; portfolios; recipe books; promotional material; arts catalogues; music albums; university theses.. 

Have ideas? Want to work together? 

Pop me an email with your ideas:

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