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The Space Between with Eleanor Cox.

Whitstable, Kent. (2021)

Performance exploring Japanese concept of WA - relational space. What does it mean, to communicate without words, visuals, sound, only senses from the 'call' and 'response' of the rope moving? How do our (re)actions have impact?

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The Space Between with Eleanor Cox.

Sellindge, Kent. (2021)

Extended performance; spoken word.

Part of a series collated by Lorrain Mailer,


We created an impromptu sound piece, in response to the acoustics of the Church setting. Playing with concept of WA, Eleanor and I would throw our voices in audio "call" and "response"; continuing the exploration of the space between. The interaction with Lorrain's piece (pictured) illustrates a metaphoric 'plasma' between two.


"Reading from the same text, our foreheads touching side by side"

- Victor Hugo

Upstream. Somewhere in Devon.


Documented on Super Eight film.

200 x 180 cm

This piece explores the nature of battling upstream; the river is going to flow in one direction no matter the force attempted against it.

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